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Coast2Coast Traffic School CA_DMV_License

Coast 2 Coasts DMV licensed course is designed to make the process of completing your Defensive Driving / Traffic School requirement as easy and affordable as possible.

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checkmark traffic schoolCoast 2 Coast offers a verificatio of citation dismissal service – CertVerify.


Did You Know?
Moving violations involve fines which must be paid as well and sometimes punitive points assessed to the license of the driver. As a driver accumulates points, he or she may be required to attend defensive driving lessons, re-take his or her driving test, pay additional taxes, or even surrender his or her license. Additionally, drivers with more points on their driving record often must pay more for car insurance than drivers with fewer.

Sometimes tickets are used in a speed trap as a form of fundraising. For example, a local government that is suffering a budget shortfall may ticket more aggressively within its jurisdiction to increase revenue.

In the United States, citation fines can vary widely between jurisdictions for the same behaviour, usually between $25 and $1000. In countries such as Finland, however, they are specific proportions of the violator's income, and fines in excess of $100,000 can be assessed to wealthy individuals. In Canada, each province is individual in how they treat similar behaviour and each violation usually includes a set fine and demerit points against the driver's license. For example, a speeding ticket in Ontario of 50+ km over is 6 demerit points against the driver's licence with the approximate fine calculated as (km over x 9.75) x 1.25, as well it carries a one week automatic licence suspension and car impoundment. In Manitoba speeding in excess of 49 km is 8 demerit points and a fine of 557 dollars.